He's a real card.

Place your twelve cards in the grid below. "Adjacent" means sharing an edge and "touching" means sharing an edge or corner; cell B2 is adjacent to 4 cards but is touching 8. Aces are high.

  1. Row 1 contains four cards of the same suit. Row 2 contains one card from each suit. No two cards of the same suit are adjacent in row 3.
  2. Under blackjack scoring, column A would have 16, B would have 14, and C and D would be bust.
  3. Other than two 3s in row 3, no two cards of the same rank touch.
  4. Column B is in descending order.
  5. There is a 2 in the grid that's a adjacent to a king, a 10, and a 4 (of the same suit).
  6. The card in D3 is of higher rank than every card adjacent to it.
1 1 3 8 7
2 2 7 6 8
3 7 6 8 5