The Oscars

What do I think should be the victor at the Oscars?

A set of nine metapuzzles themed around the 2020 Best Picture nominees, with a metameta dedicated to my favorite movie of the year. But, uh, it turns out writing nearly 75 puzzles in the month between when the nominees are announced and the actual awards is kind of hard, so I didn't bother. Instead, use the answers below as the feeders into the metas.

This is indebted to Deusovi's Recognizing a Metapuzzle, which pioneered the concept of "metas where the feeders don't actually exist". My twist was applying the match-answers-to-metas mechanic, which dates to at least 2008 but I think is now most associated with Foggy Brume's Puzzle Boats.

You can find a mapping of which feeders go with which metas, as well as all of the solutions, here.