Pool Party

Eight American swimmers are practicing for the Olympics! Each has a different first name (including Emily), last name (including Hall-Odom), and home city (including Charlotte), and each practices a different number of whole hours per day between 1 and 8.

  1. Ms. Ironwood practices fewer hours per day than Ms. Stafford.
  2. Ms. Holloway, Ms. Marshall, and Ms. Williams all practice 6 or fewer hours per day.
  3. Hazel practices an even number of hours per day.
  4. Ms. De La Cruz practices 7 hours per day IF AND ONLY IF Ms. Williams is the swimmer from San Diego.
  5. Abigail Castillo is not from Boulder.
  6. Gladys and Hazel are from Escondido and San Diego, in some order.
  7. The person from Allentown practices more than Ms. De La Cruz, who practices more than Hazel.
  8. Denise (who is not Ms. De La Cruz) and Faith both practice 6 or more hours per day.
  9. The swimmer from Austin pratices 6 hours per day.
  10. EITHER the swimmer from Seattle practices at least 7 hours per day OR Ms. Marshall is the swimmer from Phoenix.
  11. Beth (who is not from Allentown), Ms. Williams, the woman from Boulder, and the woman who practices four hours per day all have the same trainer.
  12. The people who practice the least are Abigail, Charlize, and Ms. Stafford, in some order.
  13. Ms. Ironwood is from Seattle or Austin.